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Funny animals

Fast Food Home Delivery

Thomson's Gazelle Fast Food Delivery Service
Guaranteed to be on time, or it's free!


Funny monkeys

Monkey Surrenders!

Chimp gives up without a fight!

Funny monkeys

Embarrassed Ape!
Monkey Caught in the Act!

Barbary ape caught in the act feels such shame!

Cute monkeys

Baby Monkey: Newborn Barbary Ape Opens Its Eyes

Newborn Barbary ape looks perplexed and helpless; Mum looks tired.

Funny monkeys

Monkey Antics: Baby Ape Takes Up Smoking...

Young monkeys fight over a cigarette, but soon become friends again!

Funny monkeys

Monkey Antics:
Choose Me! Love Me!

Young ape shoves little brother aside and clamours for Mum's attention...

Cute monkeys

Baby Monkey Suckling

Indignant baby Barbary ape doesn't like being watched while he's feeding. Gives the viewer a shock!

Funny monkeys

"The Barbary"
Grooming & Massage Parlour

"Fantasies Fulfilled!"
"Satisfaction Guaranteed!"

Funny monkeys

Monkey Antics:
Young Barbary Ape at Lunch

Young Barbary ape hears lunch bell, goes to find something new to eat.

Cute monkeys

Baby Monkey:
Newborn Ape Clinging to Mum

Newborn Barbary ape, still wet from mother's womb, hangs on for dear life!

Funny monkeys

Baby Monkey Uses
the Wrong Teat!

Baby Barbary ape mistakes his Mum's appendages for his Dad's!

Funny monkeys

Peanuts! Uh-oh, Uh-oh,
Uh-oh! Peanuts!

Barbary ape perches on car wing mirror to eat peanut, almost falls off!

Funny monkeys

Monkey Antics: Barbary Ape Relaxes Comfortably?

Barbary ape relaxes precariously.
One slip, certain death!


Funny bears

Bear cubs take over
kids' playground

All youngsters love the kids'
playground, even if they're bears!


Funny birds

Dancing Preen

Dancing cockatoo really rocks!

Funny birds

Dancing Cockatiel

Shake Your Tail Feather!

Funny birds

Bird Antics

Four minutes of funny birds video, showing just how clever the parrot family is! Amusing and amazing!

Tragic birds

You Can't Be Serious!

A billion-to-one shot ends an unfortunate bird's brief tennis career!

Funny birds

Stop, Thief!

You can't gull the cops!
This thief will surely "do bird"!

Funny birds

A Purrfect Trap!

At first, don't budge...
Wait for the right moment!
Then spring the trap!

Funny birds

Belly-Dancing Bird!

With no veils!
Very sexy!


Funny kittens

Kittens on a slide

Momma cat to the rescue!
One to go; One down...

Funny cats

Cat Antics

Almost 8 minutes of extremely funny videos of cats, dozens of them!

Cute cats

Ticklish Kitten

Cute kitten being tickled.

Funny cats

Betrayed Cat

Ginger gives her two-timing Tom a piece of her mind!

Funny cats

Technophobic Cat

Computer-illiterate cat tries to solve printer problem the only way it knows how!

Cute cats

The Cat and the Rat!

Cat with no kids of her own adopts a rat with an identity problem.

Funny cats

Cat Stalker

Scary! Not.

Clever cats

Cat, the Musical

Lloyd Webber reincarnated?

Clever cats

Scuba-Diving Cat!

This cat not only swims, but scuba dives! Best pal is Scooba Doo.

Funny cats


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the garden...

Cute cats

Don't Put Me Down!

Charley is a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. Cats like him do lead a normal life.

Funny cats

Cat Diet?

A different kind of diet craving...

Funny cats


Perhaps this cat should be called "Jack"? Particularly as his other name is "Boots".

Clever cats

Hep Cat!

Not quite "Great Balls of Fire", but he has style.

Funny Cats

Funny Cats

A short but amusing compilation of cat antics.

Clever cats

Toilet-Trained Cat

Actually, this cat trained itself to use the toilet!


Funny dogs

The pug that
could not run

This dog has a mild brain disorder
but lives a happy life!

Funny dogs

Who's Been Sleeping
in MY Bed?

Typical territorial dog & typical
laid-back cat. Persistence prevails!

Clever dogs

Talking Dogs

Dogs can learn to talk, but don't expect an intelligent conversation!

Funny Dogs

Funny Dogs (1)

A hilarious compilation of dog antics, set to appropriate music.

Funny dogs

In Your Dreams!

The dog who dreams of becoming a winner at the race track!

Funny dogs

Who's Afraid of a Dobermann?

Not a cockatoo, evidently!

Funny dogs

Dog Day Afternoon

Does this dog think that it's a human? Or is it just plain short-sighted?

Funny Dogs

Funny Dogs (2)

Another hilarious compilation of dog antics, set to appropriate music.

Cute dogs

Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Masochistic dog?

Funny dogs

Don't Try to Steal My Bone,
or I'll Bite Me!

Schizophrenic dog?

Funny dogs

Prison Break

Brilliant dog makes a well-planned prison break while the other inmates watch in awe and admiration.

Funny dogs

Thank Dog for Email!

Train your dog to deal with those annoying bills!

Funny Dogs

Funny Dogs (3)

Ten minutes of hysterical dog antics.


Funny squirrels

Squirrel with Hiccups

Has this squirrel eaten
too many acorns?

Funny squirrels

Dog caught off guard by
"Mission Impossible" squirrel

A bold squirrel risks his life
to obtain a luscious peach!

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